(President of Excel Machinery) Dario Facchinato – is a retired, 30 year veteran of the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. A former employee at Ford Motor Company in Windsor Ont., Dario worked his way up from a skilled welders position to being trained as a Hoist and Rigging Engineer which he held that position for approximately 20 yrs. His love for cars and everything manufacturing has always run deep in his soul. His brother and several family members founded one of Ontario and Michigan’s oldest rigging and Machine shops which still is in existence and that is where his only son Dino Facchinato served his apprenticeship to become a Master Millwright and regarded by many in the O.E.M and TIER-1Manufacturing sector as the “BEST” Millwright for knowledge in Stamping Presses in North and South America.

(Vice-President of Excel Machinery) Dino Facchinato a Master Millwright is someone who is highly sought after by many in the manufacturing industry. He is highly respected by those who have had the opportunity to receive his support and services. Dino is a 28yr veteran who grew up in manufacturing facilities and at times at FORD MOTOR company watching his father do what he did best. In 1998, Dino decided that it was time to leave his families business and venture out on his own. This was around the same time that Dario Facchinato decided to retire from Fords Motor Company.

With Dino’s wisdom and knowledge as a Master Millwright, Dario’s Knowledge and training as a Hoist and Rigging Engineer, they both decided that Dario wasn’t ready to retire. They opened up what is today known as EXCEL MACHINERY CANADA.

Founded in 1998, Excel Machinery has provided its customers with accurate, reliable and prompt service. Because of this dedication they have developed a strong base of repeat clients.

At Excel Machinery we offer a full turnkey solution, through purchase, repair, relocation and installation of all presses in any manufacturing facility both automotive and non-automotive. Excel Machinery specializes in all industry levels including Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Oil Sector, Public Sector and Civil Engineering. Excel Machinery can facilitate anything from partial repairs to complete overhauls throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Our Services extend beyond the North American market and continue to operate & support customers throughout South America, Western and Eastern Europe, as well in Asia.

Our extensive experience in these industries ensures a reliable and accurate finished product while minimizing downtime. We also provide a full range of services to meet your needs at your location. Our investment in continued upgrades to new tools along with a growing team of skilled tradesmen allows us to provide on-time and cost-effective machining and manufacturing. Combining our skilled labour with our rigging equipment, gantry and lifting systems, we assure that your equipment is in the right hands.